Articles scientifiques et rapports de stage

Articles scientifiques:

Lotfi Aleya, Elise Grisey, Mohamed Bourioug, Pascale Bourgeade: Performance assessment of Etueffont (France) lagooning treatment system: Report from a 16-year survey

Lotfi Aleya, Elise Grisey, Mohamed Bourioug, Pascale Bourgeade, Simona Gabriela Bungau:Proposed changes for post-closure monitoring of Etueffont landfill
(France) from a 9-year survey

Vincent Bichet, Elise Grisey, Lotfi Aleya : Spatial characterization of leachate plume using electrical resistivity tomography in a landfill composed of old and new cells (Belfort, France) (2016).

Elise Grisey, Lotfi Aleya : Assessing the impact of leachate plumes on groundwater quality in the Etueffont landfill (Belfort, France) (2016)

Zohra Ben Salem, Xavier Laffray, Ahmed Al-Ashoor, Habib Ayadi, Lotfi Aleya : Metals and metalloid bioconcentrations in the tissues of Typha latifolia grown in the four interconnected ponds of a domestic landfill site (2015).

Zohra Ben Salem, Nicolas Capelli, Xavier Laffray, Grisey Elise, Habib Ayadi, Lotfi Aleya: Seasonal variation of heavy metals in water, sediment and roachtissues in a landfill draining system pond (Etueffont, France)(2014).

Zohra Ben Salem, Xavier Laffray, Ahamed Ashoour, Habib Ayadi, Lotfi Aleya: Metal accumulation and distribution in the organs of Reeds and Cattails in a constructed treatment wetland (Etueffont, France) (2014).

Julien Guigue, Olivier Mathieu, Jean Lévêque, Sophie Denimal, Marc Steinmann, Marie-Jeanne Milloux, Hervé Grisey: Dynamics of copper and zinc sedimentation in a lagooning system receiving landfill leachate (2013).


Zohra Ben Salem, Nicolas Capelli, Elise Grisey, Pierre-Emmanuel Baurand, Habib Ayadi, Lotfi Aleya: First evidence of fish genotoxicity induced by  heavy metals from landfill leachates (2013).


Elise Grisey, Xavier Laffray, Océane Contoz, Eric Cavalli, Jacque Mudry, Lotfi Aleya:The Bioaccumulation Performance of Reeds and Cattails in a Constructed Treatment Wetland for Removal of Heavy Metals in Landfill Leachate Treatment (Etueffont, France) (2011).


Elise Grisey, Emilien Belle , James Dat, Jacques Mudry, Lotfi Aleya :Survival of pathogenic and indicator organisms in groundwater and landfill leachate through coupling bacterial enumeration with tracer tests (2010).


Hicham Khattabi, Emilien Belle, Pierre Servais, Lofti Aleya: Variations spatiale et temporelle des abondances bactériennes dans quatre bassins de traitement du lixiviat de la décharge d'Etueffont (Belfort, France) (2007).


Hicham Khattabi et Lotfi Aleya:The Dynamics of Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in Response to Environmental Change in Four Basins of the Etueffont Landfill Leachate (Belfort, France) (2007).


E. Belle, V. Genevois, J. Mudry and L. Aleya: Distribution annuelle de bactéries indicatrices au niveau de la décharge d'ordures ménagères d'Etueffont (France) (2007).


L.Aleya, H.Khattabi, E. Belle, H.Grisey, J.Mudry and J. Mania: coupling of abiotic and biotic parameters to evaluate performance of combining natural lagooning and use of two sans filters in the treatment of landfill leachates (2006)


Hicham Khattabi, Lofti Aleya,and Jacky Mania: Spatio-temporal distribution and characterisation of phytoplankton populations coupled with abiotic and biotic changes in landfill leachate treatement basins (ETUFFONT, BELFORT, FRANCE)( 2005).


Rapports de stage:

Master 2 Jérôme Sanchez (2010)

Master 1 Julien Guigue (2009)

Master 2 Océane Contoz (2009)

DEA Virginie Genevois (2006)

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